JANUARY 22, 2014

Added Deadline for Spring Scholarships- April 25, 2014



A group of caring volunteer ambassadors who are a conduit to broker resources from the greater community to support Tempe Elementary School District's children, families and educators tp achieve successful lifelong educational goals. 


The Tempe Impact Education Foundation was established in 1990 to provide extraordinary opportunities to the children of the Tempe.  Although children receive a strong basic education in Tempe, Arizona's funding formula for education is one of the lowest in the United States.  Consequently, our children are deprived of experiences which children in other states receive as a matter of course.

The Tempe Impact Education Foundation was established to make up for some of those deprivations.  Working with private and corporate donors, national philantropies, and government agencies,our intent is to focus on the unprovided needs of children and teachers.

Our efforts will take time and perserverance.  Hundreds of citzens in Tempe will become the benefactors.  Thousands of children will benefit.  The goal of the Tempe Impact Education Foundation is to enrich and enhance the District's commitment to excellence.


Joseph P. Spracale , President & CEO,  Tempe Impact Education Foundation


Since 1990 the TIE Foundation has contributed to Tempe Elementary students and staff in the following ways:

$98,000 to Connecting with Kids

$24,500 to the Summer Enrichment Program

$133,000 in Scholarships to teachers and classified staft

$7,000 to the Music Program

$6,6000 for Award and recognition. 

The Tempe Impact Education (TIE) Foundation is a non-profit 501 ( c) (3) organization.

-United Way #1274 - TIE 501(C) (3) #86-0670224   

NOTE:  Request for funds require a "Donation Form".  This form is available on the Tempe Elementary District #3 web site. www.tempeschools.org/TIE 


How you can support TIE Foundation  achieve their goals and the students of Tempe.

Annual Golf Tournament - Sign up a foursome- Purchase a Tee Sponsorship- Donate a door Prize- Make a Cash Donation. (See Golf Page)

Annual Joseph P. Spracale Award Dinner -

Purchase a ticket to attend  

Sponsor a table for your company

Purchase extra ticket to help  host award recipient-

Donate Door Prizes-as always cash donations. (See Awards Dinner Page)

Donations would be appreciated at:  www.tempeschools.org/TIE

and click on gold button marked "Donate"

Connecting with Kids

Donate unused clothes-backpacks-school supplies or cash. (See Connecting with Kids Page )

Any of the items above are welcomed and would be appreciated.  Checks should be made out to TIE Foundation and sent to Joe Spracale at the addess below. 


The Joseph P. Spracale Commitment to Education Award
The Ralph & Carla Lingerfelt Commitment to the Community Award

Scholarships - For Certified & Classified District Employees

Any questions about the Tempe Impact Education (TIE) Foundation should be directed to: 


Attn: Joe Spracale

3205 S. Rural Rd

Tempe, AZ 85282                                        


Upcoming Events

September 11, 2013          TIE Foundation Board Meeting

October 12, 2013               Das Frank Kush/Octoberfest Foot Race

October  16, 2013              TIE Foundation Board Meeting

November 1, 2013              Deadline for Submitting Scholarship Applications Fall 2013 

November 13, 2013             TIE Foundation Board Meeting

December 6, 2013              TIE Foundation/;Sunrise Kiwanis Beans & Rice Delivery

December 7, 2013               Annual TIE Foundation/Sunrise Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast 

December 11, 2013             TIE Foundation Board Meeting

January 15, 2014                 TIE Foundation Board Meeting

February 12, 2014                TIE Foundation Board Meeting

March 19, 2014                   TIE Foundation Board Meeting

April 9. 2014                        TIE Foundation Board Meeting

April 25, 2014                       Deadline Spring Scholarships

April 21, 2014                     Tempe Youth Courage Awards

May 2, 2014                       Annual Joseph P. Spracale Dinner  

May 14, 2014                      TIE  Foundation Board Meeting

May 17, 2014       Annual TIE Foundation/Sunrise Kiwanis Golf Tournament






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